Winnavegas Casino Clocks 29 Years

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As Pascua Yaqui Chair Gives Insights Into The Benefits Of Sports Betting

WinnaVegas Casino Resort is celebrating almost three decades in the business. The casino celebrating its 29th anniversary. To celebrate the event, there were speeches, cupcakes, confectionery, a champagne toast, and speeches. Members of the Winnebago Tribal Council was part of those in attendance. 

The casino has more than 300 individuals in its employ. It has also provided economic boost to the surrounding community. 

“Not only are we providing an income for people in the local area, but all the vendors and the businesses locally over the past 29 years, they have spent tens of millions of dollars that we have spent in local Iowa and Nebraska business in order to provide a good experience to guest here at WinnaVegas Casino Resort,” said Michael Michaud with WinnaVegas.

To celebrate the iconic moment, the casino is giving away cash prizes.

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Pascua Yaqui Chair Speaks About The Benefits Of Sports Gaming. 

The Pascua Yaqui Nation and Casino Del Sol is moving on with its plans to convert the former Paraiso Lounge into a Tucson’s first legal sports betting site. 

Recent law amendments means sports betting is now legal in Arizona. Governor Doug Ducey signed the amendments with tribe to enable an increase in bets limits as well as the inclusion of more games like roulette, craps, baccarat. 

“We are so happy we were able to negotiate the new compact and extend it well into the future,” Chairman of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, Peter Yucupico said. “The passage of the new gaming compact and the ability to conduct sports betting will be a great benefit to the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, its members and employees.”

Casino Del Sol is poised to offer new gain options soon, while also creating new casino jobs and turning the Paraiso Lounge into a sportsbook.

“We are really excited to be able to offer these new games and sports betting to our guests,” said CEO of Casino Del Sol, Kimberly Van Amburg. “We look forward to implementing these new offerings in the coming months.”