The Hunt For Missing $13 Million From Korean Casino Continues

Woman Hunted For Korean Casino Theft

South Korean police are actively looking for a casino executive after the disappearance of $13 million from the casino coffers. The executive in question is believed to be female. 

Hong Kong-based Landing International Development Ltd, the operator of Jeju Shinhwa World, said that it is currently looking for an employee in charge of the casino funds. The news of the theft saw a drop in Landing’s shares as investors reacted to the news. 

The Jeju Provincial Police Agency mentioned that it has already started an investigation. However, they failed to elaborate on their current findings. Jeju is part of a consolation of islands near the coast of South Korea. It is home to several casinos, which makes it an ideal destination for tourists. 

The employee put in charge of the funds was from Malaysia. After going on a holiday trip in December, she did not return to work. The missing funds were all in cash. $13 million in cash is too heavy for a single person to carry. So it seems a team was involved in the theft. Police secured surveillance camera footage from the casino, but the specific video at the time of the theft are all missing. 

Theft And The Casino World

There is a growing concern among casinos that the uncertain times are pushing casinos operators, executives, and staff into looking for alternative means of earning. There are growing reports that different degrees of thefts from different casinos. 

A few months back, a woman and a former worker at a Florida casino were sentenced to federal prison for stealing more than $5 million from the casino. The stolen funds were used to make real estate purchases, vehicles, and other items.