Casino Attendance Expected To Rise

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Casino Exec Expects Numbers To Increase

Slowly but surely, life is returning to a certain degree of normalcy. The rollout of the coronavirus vaccine means people can go about their normal lives in certain degrees. Lots of industries (most especially the casino industry) are reacting positively to the vaccination news. 

The likes of Saracen Casino Resort, have seen a steady increase in floor numbers in the last 6 months. After a dry spell in February, and an impressive number in March, Saracen Casino Resort hasn’t looked backed. 

The casino which opened its floor in October has seen an astronomical increase in its March numbers despite experiencing an exchange of gunfire in its premises a few weeks back. 

 “Word about our property and what we have to offer is getting out,” Carlton Saffa, chief market officer for the operation said. “Our branding, marketing, customer experience and word-of-mouth, it’s all coming together.”

In February, the casino was closed for a couple of days due to bad weather, and plumbing problems.

Then in the second week of March, five men were escorted out of the premises for inappropriate behavior. Two of the men were later arrested and charged for shooting at a casino guard, injuring him as they drove away in their vehicle. 

By all accounts, it doesn’t seem that the shooting incident frightened away customers. Saffa said the casino has experienced impressive numbers following the incident. 

“We had just under 150,000 customers come through the doors in March,” Saffa said. “That is by far the most we have had, and this has been a consistent ramp-up of business. Our weekdays now look like our weekends last fall.”

Saffa said, the period the casino was close for plumbing issues during February and March, can be likened to a retail business closing during peak buying season. 

According to Saffa, during that period, lots of people are getting income tax refunds, and people are still receiving stimulus checks. Such influx of cash, means people have much more to spend.

October wasn’t a good month for the casino. The pandemic was still an issue. “The hospitality business was apocalyptic,” he said. “Hotels were under water, and restaurants were closing.”

But things are look much better now. 

“Today, we know much more about covid than we did then, and customers are more comfortable protecting themselves and getting out now than they were then,” Saffa said. “The public now also has access to vaccines, and they may be getting a little restless.”

Also the casino has engaged in aggressive marketing campaign on various scales. The casino is delivering as promised and thy are reaping the benefits. 

“I think it’s beginning to work,” he said. “I think our Las Vegas narrative is starting to spread.”

Beefing Up Security 

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Following the shooting incident, the casino is beefing up its security. The casino is spending a sizeable amount of money on a touchless security system that will detect weapons. 

Saffa noted that shooting incidents have become a common occurrence in the last few weeks especially in casinos. 

He further mentioned that the casino has enhanced its security. 

“I would put our security system up against any used by the state government, including the state Capitol,” he said. “Our procedures meet or exceed those systems. I feel very good about it.”